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 Hotspot and Dect ready in the Indomaguro, RPI and Multi Sari Makassar (MSM) about 90% covered.

 Layered Firewall and Net- work Address Translation (NAT) is used to maintain data security.

 Always make repairs and patching systems to get more efficient performan- ce.

 Quick response in case of problem related in IT, re- gardless of the time and place.

 VPN is also prepared to reduce communication costs to branch office or the group.

 Of course with the support of various parties, we can do all of this.

We are a small team who are trusted to handle IT Systems at PT Indomaguro in particular.

Besides, we also deal with IT systems for PT MSM based in Makassar.

We also accept as freelancers mainly for networking, setup server and voice. But it is possible for programming and web.

Customer satisfaction is the pride of invaluable.





Current Project

Saat ini kami masih sedang tahap penyelesaian proyek Indomaguro, rencana selesai dalam bulan ini (Nov 2012).

Selain hal tersebut diatas juga sambil mem- persiapkan proyek selanjutnya di RPI, menginjak tahap perencanaan dan desain.